Training Membership & 6 Week Challenge
Are you ready to make a life change. Really really ready for a new direction, where you finally put the effort in to be truly healthy? Try our New Year Small Group Training Membership option. With the support of our team you will succeed in making a BIG change for good.
  • 3 times per week with a trainer
  • Meal Plans
  • Accountability coaching
  • Measurement tracking
  • New workouts each class
  • Full facility access and more!
Request a orientation session to see if the Small Group Training Membership is right for you.
Check out or Be Elefit Program for continued fitness support.

Be Elefit Healthy Lifestyle - 30 day Kickstart

A program designed to change your life. Make finding time to improve your fitness a priority. This program is designed to allow you to accomplish 4 important goals; exercise daily, eat whole foods, rest until recovered, put family first. Be Elefit and feel the best you ever have.


    Learn to love your body for what it can do, and be proud of your earned fitness.

  • Energize

    The combination of exercise, healthy food, and rest will energize and invigorate within days.

  • Improve Body Composition

    Bring body fat down and increase muscle mass with progams designed for real results.

  • Intro to Exercise

    Learn how strength, cardio, and flexibility training can be incorporated into life.

  • Real Nutrition for Life

    Thrive with a whole food, plant based diet. Learn how to use a nutrient to calorie ratio to build a diet of nutritional excellence.

  • Recovery Techniques

    Strategies to help you get the rest you need to thrive.

  • Family First

    Spend the time developing the relationships with those you love.

Be Elefit 90 Day Lifestyle Programs

Take your lifestyle change to a whole new level. After creating your Elefit Foundation with the 30 Day Be Elefit Kickstart Program you can spend the next 90 days customizing your lifestyle with one of the following themes.

  • Boss Elefit

    When the weight of the world falls on your shoulders it’s hard to find time for self care. Fit healthy eating and exercise into a jam packed schedule while learning stress management and setting personal goals and boundaries. Great for CEOs, executives, and stay at home parents who work 12+ hour shifts with no breaks.

  • Blue Elefit

    Using the Blue Zones Project principles learn how to adopt behaviors of those who live the longest. The goal for those who adopt this program will be to live to 100, living independently and continuing to create amazing memories along the way.

  • Pink Elefit

    Are you a breast cancer survivor looking to rebuild your strength? This customized approch to recovery will take into account changes in the body that result from undergoing treatment. Lead a lifestyle to help prevent recurrance and thrive with a new lifestyle.

  • Mamma/Dadda Elefit

    From preconception through teenage years, learn how to navigate parenthood and provide a healthy example for all ages in the family.

  • Tri Elefit

    Sprint distance to Ironman, learn how to adopt a triathlete lifestyle which can motivate you to stay in shape race by race, year by year with the sport that has cross training built in.

  • Pro Elefit

    Learn how to become a top notch fitness professional with our 90 day internship program. There’s no better way to stay fit and healthy than turning your passion into a career. Flexibility and great earning potential makes personal training an exceptionally rewarding career, not to mention changing peoples lives for the better everyday.


Become a certified personal trainer with this 90 day internship program which includes one on one sessions with the instructor, NASM personal training certification support, and group study sessions. Personal Training positions at Trunk Trainers available for qualified graduates.

Be Elefit Awesome Adventures

Looking to do something BIG? Customize your training plan by first selecting your BIG fitness challenge. Train for a marathon or Ironman, hike the mountains of South America, scuba dive with sharks in the tropics. Embark on your life changing journey physically confident as you experience life as you can only imagine.