Discover the basics of exercise for every stage in life with these 60 min learning sessions which include exercise guides to take home to practice on your own.

Choose from any of the following workouts:

  • Intro to Exercise

    learn how strength, cardio, and flexibility training can be incorporated into life.

  • Weight Room Basics

    learn basic weight room exercises so you will never be intimidated walking into the gym again.

  • Prenatal Fitness

    What you should do as your body changes to prepare you for birth and after.

  • Postpartum Fitness

    Gentle exercise to bring your body back after baby. Newborns welcome!

  • Traveling Workout

    Easy to follow exercise guide for traveling including airport fitness and hotel room exercises.

  • TRX Basics

    Learn how the TRX Suspension Trainer can help with form and making exercises easier on knees and backs, and progressing your routine as you get stronger.

  • Playground Plyos

    Fit in exercise while your kids play with this HIIT workout done at the park.

  • Exercise for Injury Prevention

    Strengthen the joints with maintenance exercises to help prevent injuries and keep you active for years to come.

  • Senior Fitness

    Using special consideration for osteoporosis and other factors, this straight forward routine will keep you independent and thriving.

  • Healthy Backs

    Deep core exercise, foam rolling, and stretching designed specifically for the back will help prevent back aches from recurring as frequently. Always exercise under the supervision of your physician with diagnosed conditions.

  • Just Trunk Core Workout

    Strengthen your core and uncover your inner 6 pack with this sculpting program designed to target your midsection. Nutritional guidance and cardio recommendations included.

  • Weight Training for Triathlon

    Build power into your training to improve your race times, as well on work on stability exercises for injury prevention in swimming, biking, running. Foam rolling instruction, stretches for triathlon, and endurance nutrition tips included.


Make finding time to exercise easier with this program designed to allow you to accomplish 4 important goals; exercise daily, eat whole foods, rest until recovered, put family first. Be Elefit and feel the best you ever have.

  • Blue Elefit

    30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Program for the family using the Blue Zones Project principles. Meet twice per week on set schedule with additional resources and homework.

  • New Elefit

    From preconception through teenage years, learn how to navigate parenthood and provide a healthy example for all ages in the family.

  • Tri Elefit

    Sprint distance to Ironman, learn how to adopt a triathlete lifestyle which can motivate you to stay in shape race by race, year by year with the sport that has cross training built in.


Become a certified personal trainer with this 90 day internship program which includes one on one sessions with the instructor, NASM personal training certification support, and group study sessions. Personal Training positions at Trunk Trainers available for qualified graduates.