Check out our 6 Week Fitness Foundations Program for continuous fitness support.


6 Week Fitness Foundations Program at Trunk Trainers

Build a base of fitness with a personal training program designed to get beginners and deconditioned athletes moving without injury. All levels welcome.

  • Private Training

    Get that body moving on your schedule with our certified personal trainers.

  • Intro to Exercise

    Learn how strength, cardio, and flexibility training can be incorporated into life.

  • Improve Body Composition

    Bring body fat down and increase muscle mass with progams designed for real results.


    Learn to love your body for what it can do, and be proud of your earned fitness.

  • Energize

    The combination of exercise, healthy food, and rest will energize and invigorate within days.

  • Accountability

    Between our accountability coaches and online support groups you'll always have someone looking forward to your participation. You have to show up to earn your results, so we have systems in place to make it fun and easy to work your plan.

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6 Week Fitness Foundations Coaching Package Includes:
Teaching you how to LIVE a fit and healthy lifestyle, our 6 Week Transformation Program will help you see results and help you keep them for good.
  • 3 times per week with a trainer in person or online
  • Welcome Kit
  • Accountability coaching
  • Meal Plans
  • Measurement Tracking
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Canopy Club

Designed to support the high performer, executive, and leader accel in both business and fitness, instead of sacrificing health for wealth.

This club is for the upper echelon of cients. Those who believe in taking a stand for their health and seeking the support they need for fast and effective results.

Take your lifestyle change to a whole new level. Commit to optimizing fitness, and get even better results leading your team and setting the example.

  • Weekly Personal Training for 1 Year

    Beginning with a fitness assessment, we customize a routine that can be executed at home or in the gym. From beginner to athlete, we've got a program for you.

  • Nutrition Support

    Custom meal plans based on your fitness goals, shopping lists, and recipes that taste great and are great for you.

  • Accountability Coaching

    Get all of your questions answered along the way with your personal accountability coach. Available through your entire 90 day transformation, these coaches will keep you on track every step of the way.

  • Simply Core Foundational Program

    A strong core helps prevent injury and low back pain. Strengthen your abs and back with our core basics worksheet and tone that tummy!

  • Recovery Worksheet

    Without recovery all of the work in the gym and kitchen will be fruitless. A daily, weekly, and annual recharge will help you maximize results and leave you feeling recharged and ready for anything.